Predict and Prevent Injuries With Data

Tixie's AI risk engine helps predict which worksites are most prone to a serious workplace injury -- before one happens. By comparing your real-time data with large datasets, Tixie helps senior managers get in front of risks, saving worker pain, site downtime, and injury costs.

How does it work?

Mobile friendly

Works on every device, so no one is left out.

Improve Safety

Deliver safety tutorials inside work instructions to keep workers in compliance with OSHA and state regulations.

Right data, Right Person

Configure different dashboards for different users: managers, executives, and clients.

You Control Content

Respond to changing business needs by changing worker instructions and lists in real-time.


Reward outstanding performers by comparing Tixie analytics to workplace goals.


Tixie's API can connect to other Web services, bringing important content to employees in the field.

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How can we help you reach your goals easier?

"Now I know which sites need more resources. Data helps me prevent problems."

Job Dispaacher

"I oversee 40 remote sites. I can't be everywhere, but data tells me the ONE place I need to be today."

Area District Manager

"Real-time risk scoring helps me know where the BIGGEST problem is right now."

VP, Risk Management

"Seeing real-time risk data about my site helps me manage problems and see results."

Shift Supervisor

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Doug Naegele

Chief Executive Officer

Kat Lee, MD

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Zaw Oo, Ph.D.

Director of Analytics

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